Friday, February 27, 2009

To be young again...

After a short (5 month) break from anything more than once a week play time, I'm back.

I have fallen back into the abyss of WoW, the Internet, Podcasts, and Blogs.

School and artwork has taken up pretty much 90% of my time, the other 10% has been dedicated to sleeping.

Enough excuses here's what I'll be doing with the blog.

Considering I've declared myself as noob status, just hitting 80 today, I'm going to be documenting the life of -- you guessed it-- a huntard.

All throughout my WoW raiding experiences I've been hardcord BM. Today I decided to try out SV after all the hype around EJ and BRK, and it's fun.

So far today I've concluded that
- Hit rating is very, very important. (2.00% to hit sucks. Majorly.)
- The Nesingwary 4000 is not only expensive, but cool.
- Leveling pets still sucks.
- Explosive shot owns.
- Pugging regular level 80 dungeons is next to impossible.

Hopefully I'll have a fruital week and be able to get into my guilds 10 man naxx group in the next two weeks.