Saturday, October 18, 2008

3.0.2 thoughts

Did my first raid as a bm hunter last night. Let me say, it was FUN.

When I first got the patch I went 51/10/0 bm to get a devilsaur. Played around with some dailies and test dummie benchmarking, and found that the devilsaur was a lean mean flesh ripping machine. However, the way the marksmenship tier is now set up, you need 12 points in MM to get 2/2 go for the throat, without GFTT your pets focus levels are constantly low. With all the new pet skills and basic focus dump, my devilsaur was sitting between 20 and 30 focus constantly.

I did feel bad though, I ditched whiskers (my trusty cat) right away. I proceeded to respec 49/12 to get 2/2 GFTT and no exotic pet. Results?

Well lets just say chompers wont be comign out to play until 72 or so.

In za, our first za in a while, we one shotted EVERY boss. Previous attempts left us banging our heads aginst hex lord and, on our off nights, eagle or lynx. Our record bear downign time was 2.5 mins, and my highest recorded personal DPS was 1600. I'd throw up the WWS to boast, but it hasn't been rigged to fir the 3.0.2 combat log yet.

Of my 1600 dps on bear, whiskers was sitting at 26%. Whiskers dps increased about 100 from the patch, and mine by about 400. 1100 pre patch on bear to 1600 now. I'm not complaining.

Tomorrow I'm going to spec SV and try out some heroics, maybe a pug za or somthing, and see how it goes.

Oh, and 3.0.3 is now on PTR -- Focus changes and some (more) viper changes. Check it out at mmo-champ.

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